Farmall Tractors

There’s a Farmall Tractor to fulfill your operation’s demands. From the value-packed Utility Farmall Tractor Series A and 100A series to the deluxe utility Farmall C Series or the compact C series, the top of class Farmall Tractor U series and the specialty, narrow-footprint, Farmall N and Farmall V collection.

farmall tractors



Reliable, Efficient Tractors with a wide range of models and configurations to tackle any task on small farms, large mixed farms, rural properties, beef and dairy operations, and commercial or municipal work. At any given time you have to be ready for a wide range of tasks. You need a trustworthy tractor to keep up with those tasks. Utility Farmall Series units are ready to work just as hard as you do. With CASE IH Utility Farmall experience ease of operation, reliable power, an exceptional operating environment. These tractors contain features that enhance productivity for any task, there’s is absolutely a Farmall tractor model that’s perfect for your operation.

Farmall Tractors | 100A Series

110-140 HP | Mechanical or Power Shuttle Transmission | Cab or Non-Cab | L103/L104 Loader Compatible

Utility Farmall Tractors| U Series

107-117 HP | Semi-Power Shift Transmission | Cab Only | L735/L745 Loader Compatible

Utility Farmall Tractors | C Series

64-117 HP | Mechanical, Power, or Synchronized Shuttle Transmission | Cab or Non-Cab | L505/L705 Loader Compatible

Utility Farmall Tractors | A Series

53-120 HP | Mechanical Shuttle | Cab or Non-Cab | L545, L555, L575 and L610 Loader Compatible


Compact Series C

The compact Farmall C deluxe collection tractors feature Tier four B/Final-compliant and fuel-saving engines, starting from 35–55 engine hp A 3-point hitch with lifting up to 2,756 pounds, these tractors are prepared to take care of the implements of your choice. The fully-independent PTO with electro-hydraulic engagement permits for simple, no-effort engagement each time The deluxe series stands proud with heavier frames, wider track widths, and longer wheelbases for multiplied stability, plus tremendous loader lift and rear hitch ability. Because of their size, maneuverability, and machine capabilities, they are go-to workhorses — whether or not moving mulch with a loader, mowing a garden with a mid-mount mower deck, transferring bales to the feedlot, blowing snow or digging with a backhoe.

Compact Series A

A Series compact tractors are rugged, dependable machines that address hard tasks. A trustworthy mechanical commute or hydrostatic transmission and easy-to-use controls will let you focus on your assignment without distractions from complex device operations. Turbo diesel Tier four B/Final engine presents all the power you want for loading, blading, tilling, mowing, and more. The 3-point hitch and PTO will let you connect a wide range of attachments. Access what’s under the hood with a push of a button, permitting quick and smooth entry to all maintenance checkpoints. Cold starts are a snap with standard glow plugs.

Compact Farmall Tractors

C Series

35-55 HP | Mechanical Shuttle/Hydrostatic Transmission | Cab or Non-Cab | L350A and L360A Loader Compatible

Compact Farmall Tractors

A Series

35-40 HP | Mechanical Shuttle/Hydrostatic Transmission | Non-Cab | L340A Loader Compatible



The Farmall N & V series are engineered to glide through vineyard rows. The Farmall V series features a frame capable of a stable center of gravity for steep hills. As the N series takes the same idea when space is at a premium. The N Series keeps the pace in vineyards and orchards that have space or row limitations. Both series have an engine hp range of 74-106 and the option between mechanical or power shuttle transmissions. Experience a smooth ride with either series tractors along with improved comfortability to provide an enjoyable environment when you have long days in the operator seat. Series V comes equipped with a turbocharged 3.4L and aftercooled engine. The Farmall N Series comes with a 3.4L 4-cylinder Tier 4A compliant diesel engine which is clean burning and fuel efficient.

Farmall Tractors | V Series

74-106 HP | Mechanical or Power Shuttle Transmission | Cab or Non-Cab | 42.5" to 49" Standard Width

Farmall Tractors | N Series

74-106 HP | Mechanical or Power Shuttle Transmission | Cab or Non-Cab | 52.9" to 53.5" Standard Width

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