High-Efficiency Combines With Built-in Economy

Enhanced Case IH Axial-Flow® 150 series combines increase productivity, featuring the legendary single rotor technology, combined with the Cross-Flow™ cleaning system and increased grain handling capacity to help you put more high-quality grain in the tank.

Perfect for owner operators and fleet operations, the 150 series Axial-Flow® combines deliver maximum peace of mind through a simple-to-operate, efficient and reliable design featuring a belt-driven rotor. With proven Tier 4 B/Final emissions-certified 6.7 L to 8.7 L engines, up to 375 engine horsepower at 2100 engine RPMs and up to 300-bu. capacity, they give you the same superior grain quality, grain savings and value as the larger 250 series.

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265 – 375 HP


5, 6 & 7


300 bu.


2.5 – 4.0 bu./sec

Available Axial-Flow 150 Series Models

case ih 5150 combine

Axial-Flow 5150

The hardworking, simple Axial-Flow 5150 combine with 265 horsepower and Tier 4 B/Final SCR engine provides outstanding grain quality and reliability.

​​​​Quick Specs

  • Class: 5
  • Rated Horsepower: 265
  • Maximum Horsepower: 308
  • Grain Tank Capacity: 250 bu (8,810 L)
  • Emissions Compliance: Tier 4 B/Final​
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Axial-Flow 6150

The Axial-Flow® 6150 combines Case IH patented Tier 4/B Final SCR-technology with the most innovative drive systems and fewest drive components to deliver the efficiency and productivity your operation needs.
Quick Specs

  • Class: 6
  • Rated Horsepower: 348
  • Maximum Horsepower: 411
  • Grain Tank Capacity: 300 bu (10,570 L)
  • Emissions Compliance: Tier 4 B/Final​
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Axial-Flow 7150

The Axial-Flow® 7150 combine provides added horsepower with the fuel-efficient Case IH FTP Tier 4 B/Final SCR engine, outstanding grain quality and proven druability durability in a Class 7 model.
Quick Specs

  • Class: 7
  • Rated Horsepower: 375
  • Maximum Horsepower: 442
  • Grain Tank Capacity: 300 bu (10,570 L)​
  • Emissions Compliance: Tier 4 B/Final”
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