Case IH Application Equipment

The Case IH full line of application equipment delivers consistent, accurate application of fertilizers and chemicals, with a variety of boom and tank options available.


Patriot® Sprayers

The Case IH Patriot® Series sprayers deliver quality application at the right time to ensure clean and healthy plants maximizing their yield potential.

Miller Nitro® Series Sprayers

285 - 382 HP | 6.7L/8.7L FPT Engine | 1,000 - 1,600 gal Tank Options | 72" - 78" Crop Clearance


Titan™ Series Floaters

340-410 HP | 8.7L FPT Engine | 60 ft., 70 ft., 72 ft., 60/85 ft. and 90 ft. | Boom Options | Tier 4B Emissions Standard


Nutri-Placer® Pull-type Fertilizer Applicators

100-598 HP | Required 9'8"-13'9" Transport Height | 12'4"-18'9" | 15"-40" Row Spacing

Trident™ Combination Applicator

Titan™ Series Floaters

390 HP | Liquid & Dry Applicator | 42 min Changeover | 3 Seasons of Use

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